TIC4.0 Data Set

The Data Set is just the database that contains the well-defined list of data (a piece of reality) defined by TIC 4.0. We represent this data as a combination of subject+concept+observed property, indicating what possible point of measurements and units are valid.

  1. Data: represented in a flat format

  2. Subject: including subject and sub-subjects

  3. Concept: represented by the concept id

  4. Observed Property (Obs Property)

  5. Point of Measurement (PoM)

  6. Value: possible units to be used for the data representation

  7. Link to the definition: hyperlink to the definition template for each component of the data

  8. Workflow status (status): what is the status within the TIC 4.0 workflow

  9. Version: expressed in “year.version”

  10. Release: date of realising in “yyyymmdd” format

  11. Short Description: for a fast understanding of the data. This short definition is not enough to fully understand the data.

This data set is increasing in size very quickly as the representation of the reality is complex. The data set contains not only the published data definition (status = published) but also the data in draft status to allow the developers to have as much visibility as possible to allow program and preparation of the systems in advance.

The Data set will always match the data model, both of them are just a different representation of the same data (flat vs structured).

we have divided the data by main subjects (CHE, TOS, Terminals…) and topics to make surfing easier. Also, the Digi-book has a very powerful tool to search for keywords.